Mandala is an initiative of Vijnana Bharati that intends to bridge contemporary science and Indic thought, in a rigorous and self-consistent manner, at the ontological as well as the epistemological and normative levels. Going beyond, it seeks to redefine the very way of thinking about the pursuit of truth as we see it in modern science, making it more reflective of nature's multiplicities and even paradoxes, going towards a truly non-dogmatic and unbiased approach, using insights from our Indian heritage. This is in line with the broader mission of Vijnana Bharati to facilitate a nationalistic science movement in the country. The name Mandala was chosen for this initiative since the term encapsulates a natural bridge between Indic thought and modern science. Mandala signifies a geometric configuration of symbols. It has been used in various places in our Indic past, from foreign policy and politics as in Chanakya's Rajamandala to oriental spiritual traditions and Buddhist architecture. In modern science, the representative diagram of a Theory of Everything known as E8 (also known as the 'geometric theory of everything') looks like a modern-day Mandala, underlying the possible reality that nature is all about geometry and mathematical structures. More importantly, it defines the format of our events, which are done as Mandala-baithaks (Group Discussion), as opposed to a binary speaker-audience arrangement.


Shri. Jayant Sahasrabudhe


Dr. Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar


Shri Sreeprasad MK


Dr. Manasi Malgaonkar


Shri. Ajay Sharma


Upcoming Event :
Date and Time Discussion topic Experts
Sunday, 24th July, 2022 at 5.30 pm IST The Pursuit of Aakash - Tattva 1. Prof Subhash Kak, Padma Shri Awardee, Professor of Computer Science at Oklahoma
2. Prof Rama Jayasundar, Professor and Head, Department of NMR, AIIMS, New Delhi
3. Prof K. Ramasubramanian, Professor at Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Bombay
4. Prof Sisir Roy, Visiting Professor and Senior Homi Bhabha Fellow, NIAS, Bengaluru
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Activities so far
Date Activity details Experts Participated Discussion Topic
18 June 2022 Inaugural event of Mandala: International symposium on 'The Contemporary Interfaces of Science and Indic Thought' 1. Padma Shri awardee Prof. Subhash Kak . Current Crises of Science and Relevance of Indic Thought
2. Prof. C. K. Raju
3. Swami Atmapriyananda Maharaj
4. Prof. Balram Singh Development, Application and Modern Relevance of Ancient Practice of Herbal Chemistry in Ayurvedic Sciences
5. Prof. Sisir Roy Ontology of Time: Insight from Ancient Indian Wisdom