Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan

"Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan is a program to reach the masses in the pursuit of popularizing science and technology and to facilitate interactions within common people and scientific fraternity. "

BVS is a conglomeration of scientists, artisans, technocrats, traditional innovators, students and common people organised once in two years. It has become an excellent platform to bring together whoever contributes to science, which has become a definition and identity in the field of scientific seminars and symposiums.

It is widely believed that the insights of future development are rooted in the Vedic perspective (Indian Knowledge System) that sees the whole world as one family and in fact enunciates oneness of the whole universe.

BVS aims to provide a channel of communication between traditional and modern science using any Bharatiya regional language. BVS champions the cause of Bharatiya heritage and cordial synthesis of natural and spiritual sciences; and to motivate young scientists towards greater creativity and originality.

Expo - Exhibition has been an integral part of BVS since its inception which showcases Indian achievement in science and technology.

Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan so far

Edition Place / Location Year Theme
First Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh November 23-25, 2007 Integral Scientific Management of Natural Resources For Sustainable Development
Second Indore, Madhya Pradesh November 27 - December 3, 2009 Green Technologies for Sustainable Development
Third Jalandhar, Panjab October 11-14, 2012 Science for Global Development
Fourth Panjim, Goa February 5-8, 2015 Innovation in science and technology in service of mankind
Fifth Pune, Maharashtra May 11-14, 2017 Confluence of traditional and modern sciences: A new integral vision for development
Sixth Gandhinagar, Gujarat December 21-24, 2023 “भारत का विकास भारतीय मूल्यों और नवप्रवर्तन के साथ – Development of Bharat with Bharatiya Values and Innovations"