"NASYA - an initiative of VIBHA formed to bring students and youths of AYURVEDA together to motivate them to do research, practice and propagate this science."

NASYA is a national movement for Ayurveda that was formed on 20th December, 2008 during 3rd World Ayurveda Congress at Jaipur. Thousands of students and youths from different parts of the country, declared in one voice their wholehearted commitment to spread the mission of NASYA.

NASYA has been formed to regain the spirit among Ayurveda students and youth in all three levels namely classical study, clinical practice and research and thereby to restore the Ayurveda culture in India in true sense. It has developed contacts with more than 100 institutions throughout the country and more than 6000 students and young researchers are part of NASYA.

  • To prepare Ayurveda students to fully absorb and follow the complete treatment techniques and lifestyle systems of Ayurveda philosophy born out of the Vedas.
  • To lead and spread a lifestyle following Ayurveda Darshana and culture.
  • To integrate and coordinate the scattered and endemic systems of Ayurveda prevalent in different regions and cultures and revitalize its dormant or endangered streams and branches.