“Tech” meaning ‘Technology’ applied to real-world purposes and “Seva” means ‘Selfless service’ for the betterment of society

Tech for Seva / Tech4Seva (TFS) was established with the objective of providing an integrated platform for inclusive development in society. Technology can be defined as science applied to practical purposes, and when it is applied for the greater good of the masses it is referred to as Seva.

TFS is a facilitator for the major fraternities of social change – Corporate, Scientific and Research Institutes and NGOs, primarily aiming at reaching technology to the weaker sections of society so that they derive benefit in terms of quality education, reduced drudgery, enhanced income and in general an improved quality of life.

Tech4Seva will help mobilize creative abilities of technology providers from stakeholders to provide scientific and sustainable solutions to the issues that are identified at grass-roots level.

Programs till now:
  • TECH FOR SEVA” a socio-technical conference on inclusive and sustainable social development on September 28-29, 2013 at Cummins Engineering College, Pune
  • Second International Summit - Technology Outreach as Enabler for Inclusive, Sustainable and Affordable Healthcare.

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